Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl for Dogs and Cats

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Dripless Water Bowl/Food Bowl/Travel Bowl For 30-90 Pound Medium to Large Breed Dogs
Reduces Water Spills and Messy Trails to Your Floors By Up To 85-Percent or More Helps Reduce Accidental Slips and Falls
Snap on Lid Keeps Ears and Beards Dry

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Slopper Stopper Dripless Dog Water Bowl Solution -Probably the greatest Dripless Dog Water Bowl on the market. Sick and tired of chasing your dog with a towel even as and after your dog drinks from his water bowl and walks away leaving trails of water all over your house for your to clean up? Eliminate up to 85-percent or more of the water that hits your floors. This unique design has the following features.

1.      It allows the dog to get the same amount of daily water throughout a day.

2.      Most all water is consumed versus spilled on floor to clean up.

3.      It slows the dog’s drinking down so the dog’s that typically choke when drinking no longer have that issue.

4.      It keeps the breeds with long beards and long ears dry even as drinking. 

5.      It reduces the likelihood of accidental slips and falls from excessive water being on the floor.

6.      Non Slip Bottom.

7.      BPA Free. 

8.     Adjustable Water Level

Slopper Stopper-Taking Care of the Mess So You Don’t Have to!!


FOR DOGS WEIGHING 20 -90 POUNDS, which are typically medium to large breed dogs.  This product is not for short tongue dogs like pugs etc. We can be coming out with a larger version soon for the giant breeds.


An Adjustable Water Level Knockouts feature on ball shape to raise water level to your preference. Make sure to read Helpful Product Tip No 1 Below. The unit now comes with 2 Knockouts removed to accommodate the most likely customer, which is a medium to large breed dog. Follow the directions below if You need more water access and watch our instructional video that demonstrates from start to finish how to use the bowl most effectively. It will be available here and on our website.

An Extra Fill Plug comes with each unit in case you misplace the original.



1. Can you increase the amount of water my dog has access to at the bottom of the ball shape? 

Yes, if you feel that your dog would like more water than is offered with the current design you’ll be able to modify the unit and raise the water level within the ball shape that your dog has access to. We originally designed the unit to be as effective as imaginable due to all dogs drinking a bit differently but if you wish to increase the amount of water the dog has access to even as using the unit has a new feature embedded in the ball shape. The lower end of the ball shape where water level sits has perforated knockouts designed so you’ll be able to knock out a piece of the ball shape on each side of the ball shape and the water level will then rise to that higher knocked out position allowing water level to be greater and in essence your dog has more access to a larger pool of water. The current Version comes with two knockouts already removed. If you choose to do more to modify this do one knockout on each side at a time and test for a even as to see how your dog does with it. If You need more knock out the next ones up. Also be generous when cutting the knockouts as far as width goes. It’s a vacuum at the bottom so the more you remove the higher water level goes and also the wider you go the quicker it replenishes/releases the water.  The Instructional Video is a must watch.


2. How does the dog get the water from the bowl?  

The unit has a pool of water at the base of the ball shape of the lid. The pool of water is roughly 2 1/4 Inches in diameter by 1/2 of an inch deep. The distance from the top of the ball shape of the snap on lid to down where the water level sits is roughly 1/2 the length of the average sized tongue of a medium to large breed dog. The dog puts his snout at the top of the ball shape on top of the snap on lid and his tongue laps up the water from the pool at the base of the ball shape. The water automatically replenishes.


3. How do you fill the bowl? 

The bowl is meant only to be filled from the bottom fill plug. Just like the directions state on the bowl, you flip unit over, you remove fill plug, you fill, you reinsert fill plug, you flip over QUICKLY, the unit starts working immediately.

4. How long does it take for my dog to figure out how to use the bowl? 

Some dogs go right to the water when they smell it and start drinking, some may take a day or in an effort to get use to it. An easy way to start them drinking from it is to put a little bit (just barely touch the peanut butter) of peanut butter on your fingertip and rub it onto the inside lower edge of the ball shape of the lid. They will smell it and go right to it and then they will realize there is water there and they will start drinking.

5. Does the bowl slow down a dog’s drinking? 

Yes, it slows down their drinking by approximately 2 times normal rate of consumption time. For all those dogs that drink too fast, and throw up it greatly helps with that bad habit. You need to modify the unit to your dogs size with the water level knockouts. Larger Dogs may require 2, maybe 3 knockouts removed. They all drink differently.

6. Does the dog still get the same amount of water on a daily basis? 

Yes, it slows down their drinking by 2 times normal rate of consumption time but they continue to get the same amount they normally would drink throughout a day. With this bowl, most all the water is consumed versus other bowls where you end up cleaning up 30-50% of the water off the floor, whereas 85% or more of the water is consumed with this Dripless Water Bowl.

7. How effective is the unit at keeping the breeds with long ears, hairy ears and long beards completely dry when they drink? 

By design the bowl does not let breeds with long ears, hairy ears and beards get those areas wet, so it greatly reduces those areas from getting wet and creating a mess.

8. Breaking in your dog with the bowl: 

Its up to your discretion but I would recommend watching your dog with the bowl for some time so they don’t try and play with the bowl. Its made out of plastic and can ruin if chewed. We have a brand new Blue Tick Coon Hound and he was especially playful with it when he was starting out with it. Every time he started to play with it I just gave him a stern “NO” and after a little even as he got the point. Its like anything else with a dog you want to train them somewhat so the only thing they do with the bowl is drink out of it, not play with it.

9. Would my Great Dane or Giant Breed dog be able to use the Slopper Stopper? 

We designed the bowl with dimensions that would fit most all dogs 20- 90 pounds and under like Labs, Weimreiners and similar sized or medium breeds. We remember the fact that the giant breeds especially make a mess and we do have plans to eventually make a larger version by just expanding the schematics of the patented design to accommodate the larger tongue and mouth sizes of the giant breeds. You never know till you try the bowl though, so if you do have a giant breed give it a try, it can’t hurt to take a look at.

Dripless Water Bowl/Food Bowl/Travel Bowl For 30-90 Pound Medium to Large Breed Dogs
Reduces Water Spills and Messy Trails to Your Floors By Up To 85-Percent or More Helps Reduce Accidental Slips and Falls
Snap on Lid Keeps Ears and Beards Dry
Slower Drinking Means no More Choking
Adjustable Water Level Knockouts/Additional extra plug per unit.

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